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MegaCro Gardenia

MegaCro Gardenia

MegaCro™ Gardenia is an extract derived from Gardenia jasminoides Ellis fruit, boasting a standardized 40% Crocetin content. Crocetin, a potent carotenoid compound found in Gardenia, has been historicallyused in traditional medicine and MegaCro™ Gardenia widely studied for its pharmacological activities.

Standardization of 40% crocetin

Promotes healthy eye development

Supports myopia control

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MegaCro™ Gardenia

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High Crocetin Yield:

MegaCro™ is derived from Gardenia fruit, recognized for its abundant Crocetin content, ensuring maximum benefits.

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Quality Standardization:

In order to maintain consistency, MegaCro™ undergoes rigorous standardization processes, physicochemical analysis and screening.

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Pharmacological Potency:

Crocetin's rapid absorption and potent antioxidant properties make it a powerful ally in promoting overall health.

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Versatile Applications:

MegaCro™ has a precise 40% Crocetin content for accurate dosing, making it ideal for nutraceutical and therapeutic uses.

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